The Segufix brand is the brand market leader and generic reference (such as: velcro, tupperware, post-it …).
Although we now have our own patient restraint system: PROSAFIX, that really is more developed and improved, we continue commercializing SEGUFIX for clients that have been consumed forever and express request.

Prosafix Systems has achieved his own fastening patients system and improved it based on our experience of many years.
Made with a new technical tissue TREVIRA CS friendly with the delicate skin of patients is also BACTERICIDE and FIREPROOF (Flame retardant).
It has an magnetic closure system very powerful and inviolable that make unnecessary psychiatric special buttons.
The wristbands (hands restrain) are always made with long tapes and can also be used independent of the belt.
The new COMBIFIX complete system make impossible to drop the patient as well as any accident by strangulation.
Also means substantial monetary savings to be up to 30% cheaper.
4 diferent sizes (on request, we manufacture according to measurements)


Medication carts
Our manual manufacturing carts are made with aluminum of the highest quality for maximum durability, strength and lightness.
The phenolic wood provide them maximum resistance while facilitates effective cleaning and disinfection. His appearance is as simple as always fresh.
A wide range of models ensures a solution for every need with a wide range of finishes, complements and materials.
However, for being a manufacturers, we can develop any type under his instructions.


Trays for medication and pillboxes
Medication Trays and pillboxes are a saving, practical and reliable solution for the distribution of drugs in nursing homes, small clinics, hospitals practical and also an economical solution.
Essentially composed of different models with a daily or weekly four large cavities to accommodate with any type of medication.
Are fully adaptable with our Medication carts but can be used independently.


Prosafix Systems has expanded our range of products with a variety of underpads for all kinds of demand, from disposable underpads, reusable up to 4 types of absorbent layers which guarantee more than 2.5 liters absorption.
The PROSAFIX underpad can be composed of cotton, PP, PE, PVC or tissue TREVIRA CS also friendly to all skin types, like our belts PROSAFIX.
In addition, are guaranteed to last more than 250 washes without losing absortion power and its bactericidal properties. Thanks to its dissemination system fluid and to the progressive absortion layers always keeps the patient dry.